Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): Intelligence Info, Volume 1, Number 2, December 2022

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Intelligence Info Magazine is a quarterly publication in the fields of intelligence, geopolitics and security, and related fields of study and practice.


The organization, structures and transformations of an intelligence organization, by Tiberiu Tănase

Modern methodologies in intelligence analysis, by Nicolae Sfetcu
Considerations regarding the education and training of intelligence analysts in a constantly changing world, by Alba Iulia Catrinel Popescu and Tiberiu Tănase
The Romanian intelligence, by Tiberiu Tănase
Points of view regarding the typology of intelligence services in some NATO states, by Tiberiu Tănase
Foray into the world of espionage – A manual on espionage, by Tiberiu Tănase
The analyst in "intelligence" and his role as "filter of information", by Tiberiu Tănase

Important testimonies about the moment of August 23, 1944, by Tiberiu Tănase and Ioan Codruț Lucinescu
The act of August 23, 1944 in Romania, by Nicolae Sfetcu
Points of view regarding the activity of the Special Intelligence Service after August 23, 1944, by Tiberiu Tănase
Milestones in the History of Intelligence – Oradea as a Nodal Center on the Regional Geopolitical Axis in the Security Equation, by Daniela Georgiana Golea, Ioana Petcu, and Tiberiu Tănase
The British Intelligence Service in Romania (1916 – 1950), by Tiberiu Tănase

Biopolitics and geopolitics, by Nicolae Sfetcu
The nuclear domain – A new paradigm of International Relations, by Alexandru Done

The Treaty of Lisbon – a new type of European security, by Alexandru Cristian
The information - Between military and political surprise, by Stan Petrescu
Peacekeeping and the international system, by Ferenț, Darius-Antoniu

Who needs competitive intelligence?, by Tiberiu Tănase and Anca Savu

Published: 2023-07-21